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There are various options to assist in the management of projects. Those options can be found in the options cog located in the upper right corner of the Projects tab.

Click on the options cog and a dropdown list of options will open.

The possible project options are Rename, Duplicate, Copy Project, Reassign Org Unit, Filter or Print.

To rename a project:

Check the box adjacent to the project you wish to rename, click on the option cog , and select the Rename option.

A new pop-up window will appear, with the current name highlighted ready for you to type in a new name.

Make any changes to the name and click OK or hit <Enter> on your keyboard. If you click Cancel, any changes that you made to the name will not be saved.

Note: Assignments can't be renamed

To duplicate a project *:

Check the box adjacent to the project you wish to duplicate, click on the option cog, and select the Duplicate * option.

A new Duplicate Project pop-up window will appear, with the original project name listed in the project name and an extension added to it.

Any changes to this new project can be made in this pop-up window. If you click Cancel, no job will be added and you will be taken back to the Projects tab. If you click OK, a new project will be created with the new name and information that you specified. Everything that existed in the original project will be added to the new duplicate project including groups, line items in those groups, all group notes, images, etc. You can then go into the new project, like you could in any other exiting project, and make any changes or additions to it.

To copy data from one project to another:

Select the check boxes next to the two projects that you wish to copy data to and from.

Click the options cog .

Select Copy Project.

Select what data to copy.

Click OK.


To reassign a project to an organizational unit:

Check the box adjacent to the project you wish to reassign, click on the option cog, and hover over the Reassign Org Unit option.

A slide out of available organizational units will open. Select the organizational unit you want to assign the project to and that project will now be visible to those that have access to that organizational unit. To create organizational units, see "To add an organizational unit" in Preferences>Users/Security.  

To show/hide collaborations:

You can choose to include or exclude collaborations from your Projects list.

To print a project:

Check the box adjacent to the project you wish to print, click on the option cog, and select the Print option.

A new Print Manager pop-up window will open.

This Print Manager window will show the project name in the upper left corner and it will function the same as the Print Manager that you can access from inside a project.

* If you are not able to duplicate a project, the profile owner has locked down that option.




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