Managing Projects

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The Projects window shows a list of all the projects that have been created. From this window, projects can be opened, added, deleted, and sorted. When you as a user, login to XactPRM, the Projects window is the default entry screen that you will come into first. (If you have administrative rights and the "View Instance Dashboard" is selected in the preferences, then the Dashboard is the default entry screen.)

The Projects window has columns that display the Project Name, Type, Status, Type of Estimate, Estimator, File Number, Profile Name, and the Last Modified Date for each of the created projects. These projects can be sorted by clicking on the various column headings. Projects that are shown as bold are either assignments that were created in XactPRM Analytics, but have not yet been opened, or a duplicate, that has not yet been opened, of an existing project  . Once an assignment is opened and an Estimator is selected in the Project Info screen, the Estimator will be automatically populated with that selection and the project will no longer be shown as bold. To Rename, Duplicate, Copy, Reassign, Filter, or Print a particular project from this screen, see the Project Options Cog. This main project screen also shows the little New Feature icon.


Just to the left of the user dropdown is the Notification bell. Click on the ringing bell to open a dropdown list of the notifications that pertain to you as a user.

If there are new notifications since you last logged in, the bell will be ringing. If there are no new notifications, the bell will remain still, however you can still click on the bell to open the list of notifications. The newest notification will be shown on top and the notifications can be one of 4 different types:

Notification of how many pre-purchased transactions are left (if less than 10)

General Information

Scheduled Down Time

New Features

To view the complete notification, simply click on the notification name in the dropdown. To remove a notification from the list, click on the "X" adjacent to the notification name. To close the notification dropdown, click on the bell again or just click somewhere else on the screen.

To search for a project:

The Search Project feature allows you to type in a specific word or part of a word and the Project list will filter on all of the projects that contain what was typed. The project search will search in any of the columns to find the matching criteria. The Search Project feature can be found in the top right portion of the project dashboard.

For an advanced search, click on the down arrow in the Search Projects field. This will open a pop-up with additional search options.

Just enter the search criteria in any of the fields or combination of the fields and click on the Search button or hit <Enter>. The project list will now show only the project(s) that match all of the criteria entered and the search field will be populated with the text from the advanced search. To edit the current advanced search, click in the Advanced Search field, and the search will reopen and you can then modify the advanced search criteria. If you wish, you can also just enter the advanced text search manually into the search field. In order for manual entry to function correctly, the text search code must be entered using the correct syntax.

To clear the current search, click on the "X" in the right of the search field

Column headings in the Project window:

The Type column will show one of three types: Estimate - for any estimate that was created in XactPRM, Form - for a form that was created in XactPRM, or Assignment - for an estimate that was created in XactPRM Analytics.

The Status column will show one of three status options: In Progress - The estimate is still being worked on, Completed - all items are entered and totals are generated, or Uploaded - an assignment has been completed and uploaded back to XactPRM Analytics.

The Type of Estimate column shows what type of estimate is contained in that particular project. This type is selected from a predetermined list or can be a custom type as well. (see Type of Estimate)

The Estimator shows the estimator that was entered when the assignment was created or if the project is an estimate, the estimator that was entered in the Project Info page.

The File Number is a reference number. If the project is an assignment, this number will be filled in from XactPRM Analytics.

The Profile Name shows what profile was used for the project. Different profiles will sometimes allow for different preferences or settings.

The Last Modified Date gives a reference of the last day that the estimate was modified.

Note: All columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column heading. Each time you click on the column, it will change the sorting order accordingly.

To add a new project *:

Click the β€˜+’ button in the upper left corner of the Projects window *.

An Add New Project pop-up window will open in a new browser tab.

Enter a Project name and a File # for your project, then select a Profile from the dropdown. If a particular profile is greyed out in the dropdown list it is locked by the profile owner and therefore not available. Select a Project Type from the dropdown. The project type will be either Estimate or Form. If only Estimate is showing, Form is not available in the selected profile. If Form is selected, an additional Form dropdown field will appear.

From the form dropdown select the desired form you wish to use for the project that will be created. With the Project Type being changed to a Form, the Home Quality will be changed to Form Quality. If multiple form qualities are not available, the only option will be Default. However, if more qualities have been created, those will be available by clicking on the dropdown. Type in a Street, City/State/Zip and click OK. If any of these fields are not entered, a tool tip will appear below the field, stating what is required. XactPRM will use the zip code you enter here to determine which Pricelist to use. The Pricelist can be changed later if required. If a zip code is entered that is not valid, a pop-up window will appear.

Click OK and enter a valid zip code. Once the valid information is entered, a pop-up message will appear informing you that "By clicking OK you are confirming that the property information you provided is correct and can no longer be changed. You also verify you accept the charges for this transaction." Verify that all information is correct before clicking OK. After accepting the confirmation message, the new Project will open and you will be taken to the Project Info window, where you can start adding more information. You will also notice that the tab for this project is now called, project name - XactPRM.

To delete an existing project:

Check the box adjacent to the project(s) you wish to delete and then click the delete button in the upper left corner of the Projects window.

A pop-up message will appear asking, β€œAre sure you want to delete the selected project(s)?” If you choose Cancel, the message will close and you will return back to the list of projects. If you choose OK, the message will close and all selected projects will be deleted and moved into the Recycle Bin.

To edit an existing project:

From the Projects tab, click on the Project name that you wish to open, and the project will open to the Project Info tab. If you chose to make changes to the price list for the project, click on the Pricing tab. If you chose to make changes to the estimate line items, click on the Estimate tab.

 If you open a project that another user is already working in, a warning box will open similar to the image below. By selecting OK, you are recognizing that there are now two individuals with access and you both can be making changes at the same time.

*If you are not able to add a project, the profile owner has locked down that option.




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