User Dropdown

The User Dropdown can be viewed on each of the screens within XactPRM. Click on the user name and the dropdown will open.

The dropdown window shows the user name and the email of that user. If the user belongs to an organizational unit, the unit name will also be displayed. If no organizational unit is shown, then the user belongs to the default unit. To understand more about organizational units, see the organizational unit section of Preferences>Users/Security. Below the user information, the Instance Name, the Xactnet Address, and the Keycode for the logged in user is displayed.

From the user dropdown you also have easy access to parameters in XID that can be changed from within XactPRM. When you click on the user name link (email address), a new pop-up will open.

From here you can make changes to the Xactware ID, Name, Password, and Security Question. If you make changes to the Xactware ID, or the First or Last Name of the user, then you will be logged out of XactPRM and you will need to login again. If you make changes to the Password, and/or Security Questions, then a tool tip will appear saying that the XID user information has been saved, but you won't be required to login again.




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