Recycle Bin

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The Recycle Bin is a holding space where projects that have been deleted are held to be restored if necessary. The Recycle Bin tab is located under Tools.

To retrieve a deleted project:

Click on the Recycle Bin tab and a pop-up window will appear that shows all of the projects that have been deleted for this instance.

The Search Projects feature allows you to search for a Project Name, Estimator, File Number, or Last Modified Date. Type in a specific name, part of a name, number or a date, and the Project list will filter on all of the projects that contain what was typed. The project search will search in any of the columns to find the matching criteria.

All columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column heading. Each time you click on the column, it will change the sorting order accordingly.

Check the box of the project(s) you wish to retrieve from the list and click on the Restore button. Click on the Close button and you will be taken back to the project list and the restored project will be added again to the list. If there is a Project in the Project List with the same name, the one being restored will be renamed with an additional (1), (2), etc. at the end of the name. If the project you are wanting to restore is a deleted unopened assignment, a new pop-up will open asking, "Are you sure you want to restore a cancelled/rejected assignment? ..." Click on the OK button in the confirmation pop-up, and then close the recycle bin, and the assignment will be removed from the Recycle Bin and will appear again in the project list as a new estimate.




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