How the helps work

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XactPRM uses a graphic based navigation style in the help documents, as opposed to the text based navigation style used in most other software. When you select Tools>Help in XactPRM, you will be shown an image representation of the most recent area that you were viewing in XactPRM. As you move your cursor around on the image shown, tool tips will appear indicating the clickable "hotspots". Once you click on a hotspot, you will be taken to either a help topic on that area, or to another image with more hotspots. The images used in the XactPRM helps mimic the same user flow that exists in the XactPRM software. Meaning, from the main dashboard of the XactPRM software you can access Projects, My Pricing, Preferences, Tools, etc. In the helps you can access those same help topics or images. You can go back by using the back button in your browser, and you can go to the main dashboard and start over by clicking on the "Home" link in the upper right hand corner.




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